Using DataTables In Drupal 7

Looking for plugins on DataTable and Views? Fear not, you are in luck today. Read this article that talks about the creation on an interactive table using the Views and DataTables module. Follow on: http://webwash.n et/tutorials/using-datatables-drupal-7


Here's a post highlighting main features of the Commerce MailChimp module. The module integrates Drupal Commerce, MailChimp module and MailChimp’s eCommerce360 feature. Read on:

Responsive Drupal Theming, Done the Right Way... At Least For Now Anyway

Few techniques and processes discovered which will help aid you in your troubles related on responsive Drupal theming. Sounds interesting? Catch it on:

Create Site Tours on Your Drupal Site with JoyRide Jquery Plugin

Create a tour to guide them through your killer features and nuanced site layout. You'll realize then how easy and flexible it can be. Read on:

How to parse an XML file

This particular post will explore a way to parse an XML file for use in .php. Read on:

Yet another simple Amazon S3 backup script for Drupal

As part of setting up servers, we need to set up a backup system. While there are many out there, often times they boil down to a script. In that regard, I recently wrote a backup script to back up a server with multiple sites to Amazon S3. The bash script should be fairly straightforward and easy to modify. Learn more here:

Using Location Map Module In Drupal 7

See what how this module allows you to configure a single location for a website. You can view and configure the map location by going to /locationmap. Also, learn about adding a location to the map and how to add the static map block to a region. More of it here:

Drupal 7 iToggle Module

Are you longing to create checkboxes to look much nicer? The search is over. Here is a Drupal post you've been waiting for. Moreover, learn to download and install the iToggle module, use the iToggle module on Node promoted, published, and sticky checkboxes and how to use the iToggle module with Drupal 7 Views. Get it now:

Cool module: Coffee

This module here provides a very wide useful search widget from which you can easily navigate to any administrative page on your Drupal site. It's been said to be recommended to almost anyone who uses Drupal. Take a look here:

Drupal 7 XML Sitemap module

This particular episode will help you how to configure the Drupal 7 XML Sitemap, set up the XML Sitemap to be submitted to Google and Bing. Plus, guide to include Content, Menu, Links, and Taxonomy in your XML Sitemap. What a way to start the new year, right? Learn more: